• We do not currently consider collision avoidance. Do we need to design our own collision avoidance algorithm?

    Nope! The Robotarium implements barrier certificates to handle and prevent collisions. Check out the simulator for more detailed information on this function’s usage!

  • We utilize a single-integrator model for in our algorithm. Do we need to worry about translating this dynamical model to the robots?

    You can, if you wish. However, the Robotarium already provides multiple functions (e.g., int2uni, int2uni2) that map from single-integrator to unicycle dynamics. Check out the simulator for more detailed information on these function’s usage!

  • What are the first steps to implementing our algorithm? Should we start implementing the controller in the Matlab simulator that is uploaded on the Github?

    Yes! Check out the get started page for a step-by-step description of the workflow and submission process.

  • What graph/communication topologies does the Robotarium support?

    Currently, the Robotarium supports using a graph Laplacian (or adjacency matrix) or a “sensing” radius.